Chishio's Adoptable Tutorial [Chishio]

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Chishio's Adoptable Tutorial [Chishio]

Post by Lonin on Mon Feb 25, 2013 4:42 am

Created by Chishio - Unfortunately we don't have a link to your page, so if you're Chishio, then please give us a link. Thanks!

So, I had someone ask me how I drew my adoptables. Well, I decided that the best thing to do would just to tell it in tutorial form. This way, everyone can look, and maybe some can find it helpful ^^; This is a complete guide, from start to finish.

Things Needed
Pixlr Website (Not a Download)
GIMP, Photoshop, or your preferred art program

Optional Things
Pencil & Paper
Windows Media Player (Because music helps <3)

Step 1
Decide what you're going to draw. Have an image in your head of what you want it to look like. If you'd prefer to just draw straight from your head, then skip the next step.

Step 2 (Optional)
Draw a rough draft of your "creature" on a piece of paper. I prefer doing it this way because I use pencil and paper much better than anything else, but you use whatever are best at drawing with. This will help give you a better idea on what your creature will look like and how it should be positioned before you just start drawing on the computer. It can be frustrating trying to draw without a guide, such as your own drawing, so this can be very helpful.
Once you've completed the drawing, then you can scan it to your computer and now you're ready to begin the drawing process on the computer.
For this example, we'll be using my drawn picture of a baby T-rex, here. This picture is scaled down from the original size. You should really save larger sized pictures so that you can always resize it to a smaller size. It's much harder to resize to a larger size as this usually distorts the quality severely.

Step 3
Go to Pixlr, and follow the next images on through:[/font]

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