TUTORIAL NPC/Creature Design during a artblock, you could even use this for adoptables. XD [weweameme]

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TUTORIAL NPC/Creature Design during a artblock, you could even use this for adoptables. XD [weweameme]

Post by ChibiMaestro on Mon Feb 25, 2013 4:01 am

Created by weweameme
Frst draw a bunch of random shapes. Very Happy

Now draw a bit of random detail, just go wild. XD BUT, make sure not to add too much detail.

NOW, draw a sketch of a bunch of randomness of what looks good to you.

Make a second sketch (Preferably on another layer) which is alot cleaner then the other. If you used another layer, its a good idea to delete the original sketch. Remember that you need to draw whatever comes off of the top of your head toware it doesn't confuse you or make your artist block interfere with this.

I usually finally make the line art (Always on a new layer) then delete the sketch.

Now I add what I consider 'flat-colors', remember to pick out a color palette that isn't like unicorn puke, because, hey, no body wants to have to see something neon rainbow, or neon orange against neon blue.

Now this is were I start on the shading. >;3 I find a really dark color that matches the setting or somewhat, and I color in above the character, and then I usually turn it a darker color... BUT, you color do cell-shading for people or creatures who are in light places. BUT, it looks better if you dont use cell-shading if your character is in a dark place.

I remove some of the shadow layer to show that he isn't all in the dark...
Then add some shine, and this is what I got;

NOW, give them the frst name that comes to your mind and give them a random gender (Unless you have one in mind) and then there you go. ^^

If you used this for designing an adoptable, just make the juvenile then the baby form of your creature based off of what you got.

WARNING: I have already got attached to this character, AND THUS HIS NAME IS KATSU!

Oh, and, this can be used for any thing. Even if you just want to design a weird robot or alien space ship. XD


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