Making a transparent background but making sure your adoptable isn't! [Tiger]

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Making a transparent background but making sure your adoptable isn't! [Tiger]

Post by ChibiMaestro on Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:36 am

Created by [url=#]Tiger[/url] - Unfortunately we don't have a link to your page, so if you're Tiger, then please give us a link. Thanks!
This is a guide to two things:
1) How to make sure the white parts of your adoptable (Should you choose that color to be the one omitted) don't become transparent too!
2) How to make a transparent background using

-Starting with number one, make your image. Now, save it as a PNG. If your background isn't white, make it so. Pure white from the 28 colors on paint if you are using paint. Now, click a random color on the thing. Go up to colors and select 'edit colors' Now, you should see something like this: (without the arrows and x)
-Now, click on the pure white (Red arrow) and make sure the custom colors thing is open.
-Understand this: YOU ONLY NEED TO MOVE THE BLACK THING SLIGHTLY! On the long rectangle on the far right, you need to move it down very slightly. Staying in the first tint. (About where the blue arrow is pointing to and the red line is)
-Click 'add to custom colors' (Where the X is) and press OK.
Now, fill in ANY AND ALL white parts of your adoptable with that. Only the color you just made should fill in where pure white was on your adoptable. Now you're done with number one!
-To do number two, go here and load your image from your computer by clicking LOAD IMAGE and then BROWSE.
*IMPORTANT* Make sure it is saved as a PNG when you save it, otherwise you will have huge trouble!!!
-Next, click this:
-Now, what you need to do is make sure it is your background is pure white, as I said before. Click on your background, and press OK. Don't press anything else but OK.
-click on the large version of it in the top-center.
-Right-click the small version that comes up, and save to your desktop!

Hope this helped!


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