Adoptable Art Tutorial [Ruri Lesavka]

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Adoptable Art Tutorial [Ruri Lesavka]

Post by ChibiMaestro on Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:18 am

Created by Ruri Lesavka
» Things you'll need
--- A drawing program. (photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, Open Canvas, Gimp, etc.)
--- A tablet or a mouse (using a tablet is easier, there's pressure sensitivity )
» Free Lineart - just give me credit c:
» If you have any questions just ask

Extra Tips
From 'Starrypoke' - if you want it transparent, you will have to draw the adoptable directly on an alpha channel, and create a new layer under everything in white (to create the drawing on white canvas effect). Then, you can delete that layer and everything is transparent and smooth. Smile

1. Do a rough sketch on a new layer
2. Lower the opacity to 30%
3. Make a new layer and w/ a small pen start lining
» Zoom in to the sketch so the lines can be smoother

1. While lining, flip the image left/right to find anatomy errors
2. Make a new layer for the base color. Either color in the line by brush or use a magic wand.
» Magic wand- click the blank area around the line, inverse the selection, then with a paint bucket fill the selection

1. Use a pen to make solid shading on a new layer
2. Blur the shading to soften and erase to add detail
3. Don't worry about the detail when CGing. Shade, blur, erase
» Using a black pen to shade, lower the opacity on the shade layer
» So the shading will be on the base, use CTRL+g on the layer

1. After doing the shading by repeating the steps above, you end up with this
2. Get a large eraser with low opacity and density
3. Erase shaded areas that need to be toned down

1. Change the shade layer back to 100% opacity
2. Lock the shade layer and change the shading color to a blue
3. Change the shade layer mode to multiply

1. Using CTRL+U, change the hue. The hue will change the shading, so pick one that changes the shade color to one that goes along with the base color

1. Change the base color and add colors to the eyes,nose, etc.
Now your done

Reuse the pet shade/line
» You can reuse the line and shading.
» Shading is called template and Line is just line
» To add more color like ear marking, stripes, and such. Make a new layer above the base and under the shade. Then just add the markings.
click >>> [[ what the layers look like ]]

if the images are to big, tell me so I can just make them into link Very Happy


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