A Lesson to be Taught :) ~ Creating adoptables [Sukey Kat]

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A Lesson to be Taught :) ~ Creating adoptables [Sukey Kat]

Post by ChibiMaestro on Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:23 am

Created by [url=#]Sukey Kat[/url] - Unfortunately we don't have a link to your page, so if you're Sukey Kat, then please give us a link. Thanks!
Adapted from Jinglefox's 'Createing a decent Design'

Let us... Start with anatomy. Simple, but the most important element. It's the shape, or basic form of an animal/person/thingwhatever.

Your kidding... Right?

Doesn't even look like the objective animal. NOT AT ALL! Please... Do the art world a favor... Don't... Draw this Smile

Better but... eck.

I can tell what you were trying to draw here. But sloppy and still no were near my standards I'm setting here.

sketchy Much?...

The sketchy style is very cute. BUT NOT FOR AN ADOPTABLE! Don't even think about it!

Marry me!

Nice! You've got your lineart! Let's go!

Now we... move on to colors! This will be fun... Try not to cry Smile

This is not acceptable!
I think I'm crying now.... This burns the eye and shows no skill...

Try this:
Better right? Now let's shade it.
[align=center]*Magic sounds and pixie dust*[/align]

Even better then the last better huh?

[align=center]WAIT! YOUR NOT DONE![/align]
Try highlighting Smile Like this ->

That's it! For now! Remember, Transparent >>>>> Nontransperent
For making images transperent go to:

Hope this helped Smile


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