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Under Chibi's bed
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WARNING: high sense of humor
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I find that slightly creepy. 'Under Chibi's bed'... ;-; Chibi is not amused...
Pero, I think you are enjoying your godly powers not enough >:3
EDIT: You still haven't noticed hahaha.

Tell me, how can you not like sushi..? Sushi is love! Love I say, LOVE! Oh, and I am totally spamming your profile just to make you feel better.
-Anonymous Mod

Ohh, someone vandalized it!! I have 3 possible suspects: Pero, Starry and Pyr.. Hmm.. Anyway I hate Sushi xD I hate raw things ;3
- Soffi

Sushi is beautiful. You are a lie. Want a hint as to who the lovely and stunning gay man this is..? Oh wait. I just gave you one Razz (I'm also very vain, and the Over Lord of all that is.) *coughit'spero*
-Guess Who

Ok I am 100% sure that this time is Pero. The Creepy Gay Uncle hiding in the closet? Am I right?
- Sof


Anyway credit to Lonin for my avatar + Perocore for doing my FIRST OC

––––•(-• •-)•––––

~About Me~

Hello, I am Sofi. My username
is Soffi but you can call me Sofi or
Sof but please don't call me Sofa Sad
I am not really 20 years old..
I just don't want to say
how old I am. Only one this
on my age: I am not
more then 20 Smile
When the site asks me the
location I answered
Under your bed... its not true I live under
admin's bed..

• Things I hate ! •

I hate but hate people that gets people's art
and claim it as yours.
I hate dishonest people, rude
people & people who write lk dis .

• This I like ! •

I like animals Smile Especcially dolphins!
I like all types of (color) blues.
I love snow! I love sea, though.

––––•(-• •-)•––––

~My real life pets !~

I have 1 dog called Willy, but I call
him Wii (yes like the game).
He is a English Springer
Spaniel Short Haired.
I have also some fishes!
I have

19 Red Fishes
2 Japanese Red Fishes

With a total of 21 fishes
(some had died)

––––•(-• •-)•––––

Doing a sim. Searching staff.
So. MA is closing. I'm doing a clickable sim. So yeah. I'm searching a lot of staff members. This site won't be created on MA, but I will pay real money for a domain. You'll be payed in pounds/usd/euro or in site currency.

Searching 4 coders, 5 artist, 5 writer and 15 mods for the forums. The 15 places for the mods will be opened once the places of coder, writers and artists will be taken.

The coders must be really good!

––––•(-• •-)•––––

Hope you liked my Bio Smile

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