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NY State
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Art, writing, Volunteer Animal Specialist
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Pero is a pero. Perrooo.
Fill out your profile XD
Guess who this is. I will find your guesses amusing.

Lol, Chibi, is that you?


So, name's Perocore, but you ought to call me Pero. I love writing, drawing, reading, and just being around animals. I'd enjoy horse back riding if we actually owned a horse I could ride (ours are all yard ornaments, basically XD).

Current Happenings
---Feeling sad 'bout Myadopts closing
---Will be an Animal Specialist in Training at a Science Camp in MO this Summer
---My mom's going to sell one of our horses (who bullies the others) and eventually I'll have my own Tennessee Walker gelding to ride!
---Working on my website non-stop, I owe thanks to so many people!
---Expecting baby Bantam chickens anytime in March!
---Waiting to start working on CreateAdopts Smile

--- As a note I am currently going through a pretty bad depression so may seem sad or moody. I'll try to control my messed up emotions as best as I can...but I do apologize ahead of time if I seem a bit snappy.

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