[TIPS] Seem Professional Online [Kaeliah]

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[TIPS] Seem Professional Online [Kaeliah]

Post by Lonin on Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:37 am

Created by Kaeliah

Many of us being site owners, mods, or involved as artists, coders etc. on sites have big roles to play with dealing with other users and attempting to showcase skills or bring members to a site. Conduct in places like this forum is often critical to whether a MA site becomes popular or not, and everyone wants their site to be popular right? Well here's some tips on how to seem more professional online and what some of the benefits can include.

1. Use the best grammar and spelling you can. I realize some of you are as young as ten and have trouble spelling more complex words, but resorting to chat speak will get you nowhere. Chatspeak is often hard to read because it needs to be somewhat 'decoded' and it seems very childish or uneducated. However good grammar and spelling can hold the attention of viewers better and will also lead to better impressions from others.

2. Learn literary techniques. Okay now this may be a bit more advanced, but it's something you may want to research a little. Literary techniques can greatly improve the impressions others have about your site and also make a huge impact on the interest in your site. For example:
The dog ran quickly across the lawn.
The dog raced back and forth to the other side of the lawn.
The second sentence is more interesting because I'm using words that grab reader's attention. There are other devices you can learn to use and I highly suggest reading into it at least a little.

3. Control your emoti(c)ons. Emotions often run high, especially when something terrible happens, however it's critical to show little emotion online when trying to be professional. If someone has done something wrong, stolen artwork, or maybe just insulted you then stay calm. If you don't have to respond, then don't. If you must respond, explain what you need to very carefully and use neutral words. The same goes for when being excited. Many exclamation marks, capital letters, and tons of emoticons may be fun, but it's not very professional.

4. Explain clearly. When giving explanations, or critique or something, be very clear. Try imagining explaining your idea to a 6-year-old and break down what it is you're trying to get across. Even if the post is lengthy or slow, it'll show thought processes and clarity which is a huge plus. Then again if you can be concise AND precise, do so.

5. Do not reiterate without expanding. Saying 'I agree.' or similar posts does not look good and is quite frankly totally useless. You can agree, but unless you have something to add then don't post. The only exception is if people are asking if you agree or disagree.

6. Complete what you say you will. When you set due dates for projects, releases and the like follow up with them. Get it done early so you don't have to worry about it. Try to take into account things that might come up, like tests or exams or vacations. If you're on time, people will appreciate it more and become regular's to your site.

7. You're not butter, don't pretend. Spreading yourself too thinly can be a huge issue. Don't commit to something unless you plan to follow up with it. If you have to cancel, but upfront and inform those who need to be informed so they can make their own arrangements. Things come up sometimes but try to stick to what you've said you'll do.

8. Get some logic. Grab a book on logical thinking, or do some logic questions. Logical thinking is a skill like no other and it comes in handy everywhere. You'll be able to produce logical arguments or think about things ahead of time. It helps you communicate your thoughts clearly in a manner others can understand easily and also makes your brain feel a little more organized.

That's all the tips I had for now. Very Happy
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