Dithering & Spriting Tutorial [Sasoragon]

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Dithering & Spriting Tutorial [Sasoragon]

Post by Lonin on Mon Feb 25, 2013 4:59 am

Created by Sasoragon

Yes. A dithering tutorial.

Spriting is one of the most common and one of the best ways to make art on the internet. The best part about it is you don't need fancy programs like Photoshop to sprite. In fact, most people actually prefer to use simple programs like MS Paint.

Well, the first thing you need to know how to do is the Eraser Trick. It helps a LOT when spriting.

[quote=Jingle's Eraser Trick]
Now for the Eraser Trick.

1) Let's say you have a simple colored-in line art. Use the Dropper tool in the MS Paint menu bar (found on the left) and left-click on a color. Then click the Dropper tool again but this time right-click on a different color.

2) Now that you have two colors selected, click the Eraser tool. Now hold down the right button on the mouse and color OVER the color you FIRST selected in step one. It will change only color that area! Aweshum huh?

Okay, now we can get on to the main tutorial.

[size=large]Step One: Make the Lineart.[/size]

To make a lineart, the first thing you need to do is make a sketch. It doesn't matter how messy your sketch is because it's just going to be the guidelines for the lineart.
After making the sketch, trace over it with a black line. Make sure the lines are only one pixel thick. Then, use the eraser trick to get rid of the sketch lines.

[size=large]Step Two: Color Palettes & Basic Shading[/size]

Make a color palette consisting of 6 colors gradating from light to dark. Once your color palette has been chosen, add basic shading to your lineart.

[size=large]Step Three: Start to Dither[/size]

Zoom in onto your already shaded lineart and start to zig-zag the colors so that they look smoother.

Proper dithering should look like this:

[size=large]Step Four: Complete the Dithering[/size]

Finish the dithering with all the shades. :3

[size=large]Step Five: Patterns and Different Colors[/size]

Now that you already have the dithering patterns on, you can change the colors by creating a new color palette and using the eraser trick to replace the colors.

[size=large]Step Six: Color the Line Art[/size]

Create a new color palette for the lines. The colors should be darker than the inside colors. Use the eraser trick to replace the black lines with new colors.

[size=large]Step Seven: Extra Accessories[/size]

If there are any extra accessories that you want to add, draw them separately and then move them onto the sprite.

Aaaaand then you're done! Hope that helped~

(Oh, and whoever knows what the sprite I made was gets 10 epic points. x3 )
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Re: Dithering & Spriting Tutorial [Sasoragon]

Post by Harrie on Wed Feb 27, 2013 10:46 am

Yo dawg got the wrong username here, this was by Sasoragon c:

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