Coloring & Shading - my way, in Paint Tut (Sprite tuts) [weweameme]

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Coloring & Shading - my way, in Paint Tut (Sprite tuts) [weweameme]

Post by Lonin on Mon Feb 25, 2013 4:49 am

Created by weweameme

Current Tutorials in this sprite tutorials thingy:
Shadeing a fox, or, furry animal sprite
Adding on items (Coming soon)

Shadeing a fox, or, furry animal sprite

Step 1:

Make sure that you have a sprite base. For this tut, im making a fox, a blue one. So, choose the darkest color of shadeing that your going to use. Then, fill up the base useing the bucket tool.

Step 2:

Create a darker color then the frst one. Then, fill in the lines with that color, that would make it set off with the colors much more.

Step 3:
Get a color sequence, of the 4 other colors your going to use for the shadeing.

Step 5:
Add in the basic shadeing, its important that you do so. Also, figure out a light source. If you dont, you might end up pillow shadeing in the end. Pillow shadeing can look bad, and, its considered to be novice spriters that do that.

Step 6
If your going to make the background transparent, make sure to make the background a dark color that your not using. Not a light color, because that would make it more distracting.

Step 7
Start going over the shadeing by selecting the secound lightest shade of color and select the pencil tool. Then, you want to make small set apart strokes with the pencil tool. Then, repeat for the other color shades.

Step 8
This is the finnal product of the shadeing. Now, if you want to make it transparent, goto and upload it there. Then, you can make it transparent.

The finished sprite with transparency:

Adding on items

Step 1

Im going to use a recolored version of the sprite in the last tut. Now, select the selection of the sprite that your going to make the item on. Copy that.

Step 2

Paste it, then, make a rough line in a diffrent color then black.

Step 3

Go over it with the curvey line tool to make the lines smoother, in, yet another color.

Step 4

Now, delet the unneeded or unessesary area. You'll be left with the lines.

Step 5

Move the lines to the correct area of the sprite's body.
OR, you may skip to the next step THEN, after that, move the item to the sprite's body.

Step 6

Yet again, delet the unwanted area.

Step 7

Now, color in the area and change the lines to a shade that matches it. How to shade was covered in the last tut, so, it should be easy.

Step 8

That is the finnal Picture (With out transparency) Hope this made it easier for you!
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Re: Coloring & Shading - my way, in Paint Tut (Sprite tuts) [weweameme]

Post by weweameme on Thu Mar 14, 2013 8:32 pm

ohyaymytutorialwasmovedover |'D


This is such an old tutorial.

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