My way of Shading, Digital Art [kristhasirah]

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My way of Shading, Digital Art [kristhasirah]

Post by Lonin on Mon Feb 25, 2013 4:47 am

Created by kristhasirah

Ok this is my third tutorial. using Paint Tool SAI

In this tutorial i will explain my way of shading, is a very simple and easy way.

ok. first grab a line art o make a lineart if you dont have one. Im using this one:

2.- select a basic color for your creature, i pick an dark orange, and fill all the imagen.

3.- now i pick the magic wand and select the color outside the lineart, and delete it or erase it.

4.- create a new layer and pick the airbrush tool with a dencity of 32% with out any effect or texture. pick a lighter color and paint part of the body, as you can see in the image i chose areas near the edge of the lineart. with a darker color i paint some of the areas also near the edge of the lineart. you can see the different colors in the next image:

5.- now i create a new layer and make some lines, creating a pattern for the horse, but you can make anything you want or do dont add anything at all.

6.- i pick the pen tool and chose the white color and make some lines creating the effect of an intense light.

7.- now i create a new layer and move it on top of the lineart, i chose the pencil tool wiht the streak effect and start making the hair of the horse.


and you are done... pretty simple right?

if you have doubt with any of the steps feel free to tell me and i will try to explained it better =D

This tutorial is awesome as usual. :'D I love how the horse turns out at the end. ouo

I'm confused on one thing though; how do you make the extra-bright white highlights? o:

i create a new layer and then select the pen tool and pick the white color, and i just make a white line i always use the size of 6 for the bigger lines and then change the size to 3 to create some random lines near the big one. please note that the big white line is near the lightest color so it creates a special effect.
Here is the image at 400% :

and you can see that they are simple white lines and some white circles

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