Gigi's Video Tutorials! [PTGigi]

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Gigi's Video Tutorials! [PTGigi]

Post by ChibiMaestro on Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:52 am

Created by PTGigi
Now for the videos! >:U

How to make a Reuseable Lineart in ~15mins
For those who want to make a "lineart" site (basically a site that has the same lineart for a single species, but each member of that species can be a different color!). Part 1 focuses on the Base. Part 2 focuses on add-ons or changeable parts (wings/other extras). I'll be using a horse for my base, you can use whatever you want Wink

For ease or quick reminding I use the effect "Multiply" for my Shadows and "Linear Dodge (Add)" or "Color Dodge" for my Highlights Wink

Part 1

Part 2-The voice is me...yeah sticking to text XD

Plans for the future:
-More art tuts?
-MA tuts. I thought a lot of newer users might benefit from it XD Since I'm planning on making a "mini" type MA site anyway why not film myself and explain what I'm doing anyway? Very Happy


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