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Post by Soffi on Wed Mar 06, 2013 6:32 am

Yes. Soffi told she would open a contest on my Kevin.

For the people who didn't follow me or ignored my posts or didn't even knew I existed, Kevin is fat pigeon.

So. Draw Kevin. You may add him items like aviator cap. You do what you want. Use your fantasy. Only one condition, Kevin must be there. You may do also a Kevin-Comic (that'll give you some + points if it funny)
Rules are always the same, you must know them :p do not copy other people's work, do not use other's people work, do not trace and yeah. I think that is all.

No wait.. The prize.

Eh.. You ma choose in my dA gallery an art and that will be yours, but you must credit me or I will do some art for you, reference for exemple. I am good at traditional art. So I will first draw traditional art and after out it on computer and do the magic.

Contest will finish 5 days after 7 members have entered.
Bye .


KEVIN! 5xx
I am not a lion, I don't eat people so feel free
To send me a random, no sense, drawings, songs.. messages ;-)
I am also helping people when they need so PM me :3 won't eat you..
I promise.

That beautiful Peacock was done by our es user on MA, Strawberry. Please do not use it. TY
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Kevin was here

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